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Management of Sports Development

Edited by Vassil Girginov. Management of Sports Development Authors:Edited by Vassil Girginov.
Price:1449 rub.

Book Summary:
Management of Sports Development is the first book to offer a holistic approach to a field which has been growing in importance for some years. Although many books exist on various aspects of development never before has there been a text which addresses the process of development in such a comprehensive manner. This is a 'one-stop-shop' to understanding the process of sports development, offering the reader: comprehensive coverage of the major themes in the process of sports development; contributions from an internationally renowned author team; a concisely edited text with a logical and well-developed structure; a dedicated accompanying website with updates and new material. This accessible book is essential reading for students or lecturers in the field of sports development and is set to be a vital contribution to the literature in this area. A unique book that covers all the key issues in the growing field of sports development. ...

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