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The Business of Sports: A Primer for Journalists

Mark Conrad. The Business of Sports: A Primer for Journalists Authors:Mark Conrad.
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Book Summary:
At one time, sports coverage was scores, standings, and star performances. However, sports has evolved into a profitable, complicated, and multi-dimensional business, as broad and complex as any. This book explores the business aspect of sports with an orientation to those topics that are most relevant to journalists, providing the foundation for understanding the various parts of the sports business. Moving beyond sports writing, this text offers a distinct perspective on professional, college, and international sports organizations?structure, governance, labor issues, and other business factors within the sports community. Written clearly and compellingly, The Business of Sports includes cases (historical, current, and hypothetical) to illustrate how business concerns play a role in the reporting of sports. Offering critical insights on the business of sports, this text will be a required resource for sports journalists and students in journalism.

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