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Olympic Dreams: China and Sports, 1895-2008

Guoqi Xu. Olympic Dreams: China and Sports, 1895-2008 Authors:Guoqi Xu.
Publisher:Harvard University Press
Price:1897 rub.

Book Summary:
"[An] accomplished study of China and sport...Where "Olympic Dreams" scores highest is in describing and explaining the importance of the Olympic Games to China's self-esteem and its sense of belonging on the international stage, and how successive leaders have focused on the powerful political platform the event provides". Clifford Coonan "In this history of sports in China over the past century, Xu accents the cultural intertwining of athletics and politics as the country continually increases its emphasis on the former to enhance its stature in the world". John Maxymuk "Thoroughly researched and lucidly articulated, Mr. Xu's book provides a unique perspective on China through the history of sports. Just as baseball and football define the heart and mind of America, China's promotion of various sports as national games also speaks to the cultural psyche of a country seeking recognition in the global political...

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